The African experience

If you were born in Africa, Africa becomes part of you its in your soul, flesh and blood!

I was born in Africa and I will never go anywhere else! Like it or not I will die here. Africa has so much to offer but yet so much still needs to be done. The lovely nature of the continent is something to envy but unfortunately evil forces are trying to destroy it. Our rhino population is drastically reduced by naive people who believe it contains a magical ingredient!

Elephant and other animals are poached for ivory, fur and trophys. Governments all over the continent realised that these despicable actions are eroding our natural heritage. They are doing what they can but the legacy left by colonization is still preventing the continent to reach its full potential. Sometimes its just impossible to fund the operations and equipment required to protect the continent’s animals and plants.

The aim of this site is not to raise funds but just to create an awareness of the beauty of the African nature.